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AMP-TRAPĀ®-Form 101
A70Q / 700V
Semiconductor Protection Fuses

A70Q Amp-trapĀ® Semiconductor Protection fuses were developed for inverter applications requiring extremely low I2t. A70Q fuses provide the most responsive protection for applications not required to sustain heavy overloads.


  • Lowest I2t of any fuse in this voltage rating for best overall protection
  • 700V AC, 650V DC rating allows protection of greater
    variety of circuits
  • Solid fill technology for extra reliability in performance


  • Extremely Fast Acting
  • Current limiting
  • Lowest I2t
  • AC: 700VAC, 35A to 600A, 100kA I.R.
  • AC: 650VDC, 35A to 600A, 100kA I.R.
  • UL Recognized Component
  • AC: Guide No. JFHR2
  • DC: Tested to UL Standard 198L Parameters
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Protection of inverters and other equipment requiring the best AC or DC protection in this voltage range

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