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AMP-TRAPĀ®-Form 101
A70QS Series / 700 V
Semiconductor Protection Fuses

A70QS Amp-trapĀ® Semiconductor Protection fuses were developed in response to the need for improved overall performance of 700 volt semiconductor fuses for new equipment requirements. A70QS fuses have lower I2t for better protection, longer life when subjected to cyclic loading, plus lower watts loss. A70QS is the best choice to protect dynamic solid state equipment such as motor drives, UPS, etc. 


  • Very Low I2t for improved protection of equipment
  • Superior cycling ability for long, reliable life on highcyclic
  • Low watts loss for cooler operation
  • 700V AC/DC rating gives greater design versatility
  • Ultra compact sizes allow down-sizing of existing equipment


  • 700V AC/DC Rated
  • Low Watts Loss
  • Superior Cycling Ability

  • AC: 700VAC, 35A to 800A, 200kA I.R.
  • AC: 700VDC, 35A to 800A, 100kA I.R.
  • UL Recognized Component, AC/DC
  • AC: Guide No. JFHR2
  • DC: Tested to UL Standard 198L Parameters
  • CSA Certified File LR 12636
  • Some Ratings RoHS Compliant
  • Protection of 700V or less motor drives, UPS, inverters, etc.
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